Saturday, November 25, 2006


The book is by Jon Halliday and Jung Chang.

I think it illustrates that Mao can be read, in addition to having aspergers, as having a simplifying iq bound to the will of a narcissistic personality disorder, that is, the attitude that the only narrative is theirs, that their rightness or their wrongness is always the issue, and that blaming comes in a process which comes before the situation is analysed.

It is also intersting that the guerrilla war things he did were really ways of avoiding risk and commitments that he could be judged on later, and that he could judge others on later, i.e. a leap to the sidelines.

When not doing that he advocated simple chaos and reversals of sense to take ownership of the order to follow.

His adherence to Marxism is like an adherence to Ezra Poundism. You say whatever you think it is that justifies your literal self.

It took an apocalypse for people to believe that, and a coterie of other personalities seeking daddies.

I think it is a great murderous fear of an undergrad student gone monstrous. A mommy's boy with no mommy. It seems that a narrow world, confined to his owm bed, was needed justified by denying the legitamacy of the rest. Competitive with reality.

And let's face it, a bad poet.

God, narratives, when will we be free of them!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


There are degrees of some things, sort of ladders or levels of incarnation. This is in my favorite book.

Did you ever get blamed for something the cat did? The usual thing is knocking over a Christmas tree or cracking a TV screen. Isn't it?

Those happened to me with Zorro, my second and third cats.

The first Zorro got jammed in a factory chimney, it was mad for crows, and caused a combined atom bomb, UFO alert in Ottawa South for which I was not blamed.

Zorro the third tried to bring down a gazelle leaping in fear during a program on Serengeti.

Zorro the second was after a blinking light on the tree.

Those are some of my direct experiences of degrees of false accusation.

The first one for me was an accusation of atheism, even of being in league with the devil, in order to spoil Christmas. That was me and that was my motive in that particular world.

It made sense. The tree had fallen on the booze table and the sparks woke gran who thought it was the Germans again and hit dad who then awoke too saying out loud an ancient curse which may have been what burnt the so-called turkey.

The second time, the TV one, resulted in a complicated accusation of communist inspired economic and cultural sabotage calculated by a devious mind towards destruction of the nuclear family.

Mom took one look at that cracked TV and said 'either the TV goes or you go. Which do you think I will decide? I can't afford to fix up both'. She was referring to her continued psychologist bills while reaching for the front door security baseball bat.

'Don't blame the fucking cat you little communist devil" she said.

Another similar, but a higher degree, of false accusation, was experienced by those firemen in Baghdad yesterday.

They were answering an emergency call to control a market fire, including a problem of some still burning people, caused by a suicide bomb.

They were pulled over on their way while riding in their new aid gifted, rehabilitation of the nation, fire truck by American troops , and after being unable to prove they were not fleeing the fire and had not hi-jacked the truck, were shot. Four of them. Shot dead.

The difference in degree so illustrated is Gnostic. I feel some empathy therefore. I lived on earth in Canada. I experienced a metaphor of identity death. They lived in hell and got the real thing.

And who created their hell on earth? Don't blame the cat.

The law of sense and mind applies to Iraq.

The law of sense and mind is that we all really know what the truth is in our souls, the truth of what is really happening and we all know what needs to be done in our hearts.

We know this even if we live in the rainbow light at the base of a shit colored prism looking through it searching for the cat that's gone to blame.

We know, but won't usually see beyond that to know more that there is between us and what we know a prism made by those minions of Ultreye who rule the present world order.

The law of sense has a 'corollary of silly ideas' which is that those who have them will hold on to them forever unless they become accountable for their implementation by forfeiture of their butts.

Tony Blair and Baby Bush cannot be tried for war crimes in their own countries. There are degrees of true accusations, and thoughtful legislation has already been passed in their own homelands to put into place those diabolical degrees of blamelessness.

But they can be if they go to Canada. They can be if they visit Rwanda for that matter. Check that out if you wish at the same time you can check out the story of the fireman above and the other stories elsewhere of rape burning party wager games, snuff movies and so on, that may even now be emerging through the prism of your news.

Here's more. British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are now signing separate peace agreements with local insurgents, including 'Islamo- Fascists' and, in Hellman province, with the underground representatives of the people, including Taliban.

Canadian troops should be encouraged to do the same in their areas and avoid the development of degrees of participation in war crimes of the sort for which they became world famous in Somalia with their Viet Nam derivative and Disneyland inspired helicopter questioning. They do not want to suffer a degree of false accusations emanating from the top of the ladder to hell.

have made my peace. It will remain at it until I am wronged. I have not made a peace with terrorists but I have no instrument I have faith in to rely on to secure me from them except myself, friends and family. I recommend you and your pets to do both of the same. Then the trials can begin.

I will try to get my tenant's association to make peace and my street, Hyde Vale, too. We will also get a sign, I hope, that terrorists are not welcome on pain of death, nor are the bloody tree nappers at Christmas time (Gnostic New Year). We also should get larger speed bumps.

And a feeding station for cats, a species I have never blamed and certainly if I had ever once even a little have long ago forgiven for I never, ever expected them not to be cats. I knew what they were.

I did expect more of Americans and do of fellow Canadians though. Maybe Canada should make separate peace? Or it too should dissolve, at least culturally to avoid association and blame. And the ladder.