Sunday, January 07, 2007


Blue Orange Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of Re: The Dead Arts, the Selected Writings of Richard Rathwell, with book design by Lee Chapman of First Intensity and cover art by Jessica Kolokol. Many of you will have already read extracts on this blog.

It will soon be available in the United States via SPD Books for $18.95/£12.95, as well as in some bookstores in Canada and through this site by sending an email request to Its ISBN is 0955 1627 0X.

Back Cover:

I only believe that language is a field that has entrances from every world. I desire to find in that field ways my mind can go on journeys out of the place encased.

I want witness. I want report and it is better about a kinf of beauty, an image that is assembled as though for the first time true, even real. And it is in this life, connected.

I want to stay in a group playing in a field.

Don't mind the raw and jagged. The mysterious evil. The burst of blood.

There is the public work to do. The dividing of two into one. The getting out.

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